Where does one typically find mold infiltration?

Mold is a living organism that can find a breeding ground in a wide variety of locales. To survive, mold needs to feed, but the feeding environment must be moist, damp, or humid – like drywall, carpet, or wood.

How does mold infiltration start to develop?

When water damage (or excess moisture) is not thoroughly dried out, mold can grow and spread.  An indoor flood, a sewer leak, or excessive indoor humidity can each create the ideal environment for mold.

How does one know if a contractor is qualified?

A good contractor will have trained, certified personnel; the latest in water extraction equipment; proven technical methods; and know-how with regulatory requirements and legalities.

How can health and safety issues be assured?

Asbestos is dangerous and hazardous. A good contractor will take extensive measures during the removal process, and will assure the health and safety of the building occupants as well as the removal teams.

How can one be sure that asbestos is present?

With asbestos, it’s essential for an expert to identify the source and extent. Testing for asbestos is mandatory AND required before demolition or renovation can commence in buildings built before 1987.

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