We take care of the Machines and Equipment, always respecting the environment, with safety, quality, with our own specialized workforce.


  • Mechanized demolition
  • Manual demolition
  • Risk demolition
  • Large Demolition
  • Small Demolition
  • Retrofit


  • Dismantling of metallic structures
  • Dismantling of precast
  • Industrial dismantling
  • Confined space demolition

To carry out the demolition of houses, it is necessary to take responsibility for any act carried out in the service carried out, so we can offer our customers safety, confidence and efficiency through our highly qualified team in house demolition. For this, we require:
– Employees dressed in the company’s uniform;
– Participate in all training provided for safety criteria and so that no accidents or unforeseen events occur;
– Every team must work within the rules and laws in force, in which the property owners will be required to have the documents requested by the municipal body, such as the certificate of completion of the demolition of houses and the standardized application, filled in with the purpose of its constructions.

To carry out the demolition of houses, the inspection team will go to the site to check and make sure there will be no accidents, isolating the site to safely start the dismantling procedure. After the house demolition inspection, the employees working in the debris removal area will check if there is any material to be reused and recycled, thus preserving the environment.

After the initiation of demolition of houses, we will schedule the delivery day of the work as quickly as possible.metal structures
• Dismantling of precast
• Industrial dismantling
• Confined space demolition

The equipment used for demolition of houses has a high standard of quality, state-of-the-art machinery and high technology to perform the service.


We are increasingly recognized in the labor market through the demolition of buildings, as we have a team of trained and qualified professionals to be in charge of doing the building demolition service correctly, with a lot of responsibility in every action carried out on the work and especially the security they have when performing the service, providing confidence during the period of demolition of buildings.

As the buildings are usually very tall and usually have homes and/or businesses around them, a detailed study is carried out by our team specialized in demolition of buildings to find out whether or not you will need to isolate the site so that it does not cause inconvenience to the owners when around.

Demolition of buildings in the case of large (over 15 floors), medium (10 floors) and small (up to five floors) buildings, how each demolition will be done, the removal of materials and check whether the reinforced concrete can be recycled destroyed with the demolition of buildings.

High technology for carrying out demolition


The main characteristics of controlled demolition: low impact on destroyed structures and it does not affect urbanization or nearby buildings. For a small impact, vibrations and noise to occur, there are several modern tools that help us to be successful in completing the work .


Many people think that manual demolition is about destroying the cinder block with your hands, but that's not it. Manual demolition is used when the structure of the work does not support the weight of the machines or even when there is a risk of falling.


We carry out any type of demolition of warehouses, whether large, medium or small. We operate in the job market with competence and recognized for our responsibility to successfully demolish warehouses and mainly for providing safety to customers .


Our main activity is demolition and excavation services, performed using modern tools and new working techniques, with agility and speed when delivering the work within the customer's desired deadline.

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